Space Requirements

There is various way to home your bunny.

One option if Free Roaming (bunny has no enclosure) it lives in your house and roams as they wish. Very important with free roaming is to make sure that house cables are bunny proofed… bunnies chew cables and it can cause death if wire is plugged in and electrical current is in the wire.

Another option is to give bunny a room only and to close off that area.

Third option is to give bunny a enclosure – should be at least 2x2m.

Lastly a hutch which is the least recommended option as it can be difficult to clean and normally to small.

For all the options bunny should still receive Play time outside or in different space for stimulation. Big debate is if bunny should be indoors or outdoors – our recommendation is bunny should at least be indoors at night or most of time because it is prey animal and can easily loose its life dur to attacks from birds, cats or dogs. It is recommended that bunny only spends outdoors when supervised. Also make sure garden has no escape holes. If you decide to take bunny to outdoor area to walk or jump around, then get harness ( see training on best harness recommendation)