Neuter and Spay

All Exotic vets recommend all bunnies be neutered/spayed because it prevents serious diseases and cancer.

It also helps with behavioral problems and litter training. Males can be spayed at 12 weeks, but remember that they can still reproduce 4 weeks after they have been spayed – make sure males are kept separate from females until after 4 weeks to avoid unnessasiry breeding.

Females should only be neutered after 6months and never earlier because they have very important hormone production that needs to take place before 6 months. Make sure that you seek out an exotic vet when taking your bunny in to be sterilized.

Recommended after care for bunny that has been sterilized is to keep them in 2x2m area, give them pain meds as prescribed by vet ( if vet did not give pain meds, ask for it or use devils claw 2ml per kg). watch closely and make sure bunny does not chew on stiches, check wound to make sure it heals and there is no infections.

Males to be kept indoors for 2-3 days and females 5 days after being sterilized.