Midstream Mission Bunny Project

There is a big problem with the rapid growth of the domestic rabbit population in the parks of Midstream Estates. Domestic rabbits were bred to be 100% dependent on humans. They are very fragile creatures and being outside in the parks poses a great health risk, both physically and mentally, for these rabbits.

We, the Virtual Bunny Club, alongside various rescues, would like these dumped rabbits to lead long healthy lives with a loving family of their own.

Many poeple will ask why not leave the rabbits to live free in the fields?

Here are 4 of many reasons

  • Rabbits are domestic Animals, and according to the constitution it is unlawful to dump domestic animals.  We need to catch said domestic animals and take proper care of them.  (NSPCA ACT of 6
  • Dumped Rabbits cannot fend for themselves. They are not wild and have not been bred with the proper instincts
  • We ONLY have the Riverine Rabbit as indigenous species in South Africa. The rabbits here are not indigenous and are upsetting the eco system, including owls and eagles that leaves mice and snakes to rather catch the easier prey of baby rabbits.
  • Domestic unsterilized rabbits can breed up to 6,000 babies in their network per year –  yes you may not see them as so many are killed. 

Our Aim

  • To catch the already dumped rabbits on the estate,
  • To sterilize them, and provide a proper check up from qualified veterinarians in order to ensure their health,
  • To rehome them in the proper way according to NSPCA and Law requirements, so they can properly live their lives as domestic animals.

How will we do this

  • Create & Communicate project plan ( stipulating scope, time, risk, control, cost, team, stakeholders and issue management)
  • Learn from other projects similar in region
  • Allocate team into different roles and responsibilities (catchers, fosters, vet trip drivers, public relations, newsletters, social media)
  • Fast -track big housing projects for animals
  • Identify most tame, sick of injured to be rescued first – treat and sterilize them. Document each bunny for record purposes
  • Create adoption process for healthy tame bunnies
  • Work on further catch and sterilization of all others, rehome in safe environments

How can you help

  • Spotters, if you spot a domestic bunny contact us immediately so we can send a team to rescue the bunny
  • You can support us by liking our social media pages, communicating and spread awareness
  • You can become a Midstream Bunny Ambassador, send us a request
  • You can contact us to become part of our team and we will assigning roles and responsibilities towards you , send us a request
  • You can donate food directly or order food from our online shop using our Midstream Discount code , send us a request
  • You become a foster parent , send us a request
  • You can sponsor building materials for enclosures and our barn projects to house the bunnies ( we will provide the project plans on this)
  • You can donate fleece blankets, we use this as comfort towards rescued bunnies
  • You can donate towards vet bills and sterilizations bills send us a request



+27 67 061 9110


For more information on how to become social media influencer and what it will all will entail you are welcome to email info@virtualbunny.com or whatsapp (+27) 81 320 5768

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