Kobe the Rabbit and his new family

Kobe was adopted via bunny haven by Nathan and Giovanna at Osceola County Animal Services in Saint Cloud, Florida. Kobe immediately climbed into their hearts. As first-time bunny parents, they did everything right by asking questions and researching a lot! Here is an interview to tell you more about Kobe and his family…

  • Where did you adopt Kobe from?

My wife Giovanna went on AdoptAPet.com and saw a photo of him. It said:  It’s King and that he was being cared for by Osceola County Animal Services in Saint Cloud, FLORIDA. We only paid an adoption fee of $10 US dollars and they even neutered him before we were able to take him. They also made us watch a 20-minute orientation video.

  • What were your first expectations when you though of having Kobe?

Shy and nervous. He was neutered and was most of the time just resting.

  • What surprised you most about Kobe?

He became friendly pretty especially after fed his first carrot 🥕, well 1/4 of it. He made a special bond with me. Lately, he has been grooming me much more and started sitting on my lap for the past week.  He’s only been with us for 3 weeks and it feels like he has been a part of us in such a small amount of time.

  • What advice would you give to any-one thinking of having a bunny as a pet for the first time?

Try not to pick bunnies up unless it is actually necessary. They are prey animals and have a natural instinct for survival. Don’t bathe them.  They are constantly grooming themselves.

Don’t leave them outside and DO NOT KEEP THEM IN CAGES OUTSIDE. That’s abuse. Get educated and search on how to feed and care for them properly.

Also, don’t breed for financial gain. I have seen pet hoarders who breed and the rabbit lives in horrible conditions.  Let the bunny come to you and they will reward with love and loyalty.

  • How has Kobe changed your outlook life?

I feel his love so much and I have never loved any pet the way I have with Kobe.  He makes me feel like his daddy. It is like caring for a young child.  I used to have a couple of cats when I was a child and my parents had 3 dogs. But I feel that caring for my bunny is my new calling. In my opinion, they make the best pets and are the cutest of all pets!



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