Janey; the “wild” bunny

At the beginning of the pandemic, I did what every student did, pack my bags (and bunnies) and drive back home. Jasmine, Eden and I prepared for lockdown, little did we know that our lives were about to change.

They often say that it takes one decision that can change your life- oh boy, this could not have been truer for us. On 4 April 2020, while scrolling through Facebook for the millionth time that day, I came across a post with the cutest rabbit in. It shocked me that some people were commenting that the rabbit should return to the parks, because “that is a wild rabbit”. As you could have guess- it was not a wild rabbit. I quickly messaged the family offering to bring them hay and pellets, but the family asked that I rather come fetch the bunny, which I did.

When I went to fetch Janey, she was so scared and was limping. Turns out that she had a possible fracture, but due to the pandemic she had to be assessed by the vet through video. I turned to a Facebook group for bunnies for help and this is where I had the privilege to meet Yolandi, the owner of Virtual Bunny Club. A few days after I got Janey, she experienced a miscarriage. This was a very sad moment, because I knew she had already endured so much, and the suffering just kept piling on. Luckily, she quickly recovered and started to show her personality. She was put up for adoption through Critter Rescue SA and soon after a family contacted me- I was so excited, because Janey had a potential home! This excitement soon came to an end after the family said they won’t be adopting her anymore. I was heartbroken, Janey really deserved happiness. What happened next was a miracle! Remember Yolandi? SHE ADOPTED JANEY! The first person to reach out to me after hearing about Janey the day I got her became Janey’s furever family. How crazy? But wait- it gets even crazier.

All throughout Janey’s recovery, Yolandi and I kept in touch and soon realized that we both have an absolute passion for bunnies (borderline crazy, but we won’t go there now). We started Mission Midstream, saving 6 other bunnies in the process- but that is a story for another day ;).

Janey was the start of such a great experience, the start of a great friendship and the start of an ongoing adventure. Our “wild” bunny now sleeps in the bed, demands attention and gives kisses, all because someone cared enough to save her. She was one of the unfortunate bunnies who was dumped in Midstream, and had she not been posted on the Facebook page- who knows where she would have been now.

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