Interview with Nicci and her bunnies

What is the best thing about Honey and Koa?

First of all- they are the cutest things in the whole world. They are so clean and respectful too. They’re so quiet but have such a presence in my home. They free roam my apartment and pretty much think they’re in charge. 😁 they’re low maintenance and the easiest and cuddliest babies. Buns are always a step ahead of you, they’re little ninjas!

Describe Honey and Koa’s personalities?

– Honey is my little sass queen. She is for sure my spirit animal. She’s dominant and gets what she wants, when she wants. She’s mischievous and strong and absolutely beautiful. Also v emotional. I was going through a tough time towards the end of last year with a previous relationship and Honey got sick. I was convinced she took on my emotions.. it was the hardest week when honey was in bunny hospital but she bounced back and is healthier than ever! It took them a second to recognize each other and rebond. She looks after her little brother Koa and loves him to bits.

Koa is a shy little baby but has really matured so much since I got him. He’s even grown so much bigger. He always lets honey suss things out before he gets involved. He’s more timid but such a brave little boy. He is so gentle and little. He’s definitely picked up some habits from Honey and I can see his little fire getting brighter by the day. But also super mellow. I was so sad for him when Honey was in bunny hospital, he missed her so much it broke my heart. But me and him bonded massively over that time and we got through it together. 🥰 his favorite food is cucumber. He can smell me chopping a cucumber from miles away lol it’s adorable. Sometimes he even waits by my fridge when he knows there’s cucumber inside 🥒

How has Honey and Koa change your outlook on life?

The biggest thing that I appreciate about my buns is how they do not leave each other’s sides for a 1 minute. They are such bonded companions and love each other to bits. They never fight and are just so chilled. Bunnies are the best pets to have if you give them the opportunity to shine. It takes time for them to trust you (and I don’t blame them at all for this) but once they do, you’ll commit to being a bun parent forever. There’s nothing like a bun jumping to sit on your lap or responding to your calls. My buns warm my heart and make me smile/laugh every single day.

What advise will you give other bunny parents?

Give your buns time to warm up to you. Chances are they will not trust you right away. Give them the opportunity to feel safe and loved. Don’t be scared to pick them up and give them kisses and loves (even though they seem like they’re hating it😄 they’re not). I also would recommend always getting atleast 2 buns at a time. They keep each other entertained all day long. You can train your buns as they pick up on habits. If you do the same things over and over they are so smart and will naturally create habits. I would adopt them all if I could. My dream is to create a bunny sanctuary one day for lots of buns to be safe and loved and happy.


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