Interview with “Man and Bunny”

The Virtual Bunny Club have interviewed one of the most famous bunny Dad, Sean Harrison about famous Chief Brody.  You can follow him on Instagram account @manandbunny.  Chief Brody was unwanted and dumped at an old people’s home, Sean let me live with him! Now we’re mates🐰🙎🏼‍♂️ aka The Chief & Big Fella 👊, they also have awesome YouTube videos

  • How long have you and Chief Brody been companions and how did you meet? “Chief came to live with me in October 2017 after a good friend rescued him after he was pretty much left abandoned in a hutch outside the back of a retirement home. He was living alone in the cold and dark with almost zero human contact.”
  • What is your and Chief Brody’s daily routine? “He normally wakes me up about 7am when I hear him throwing his bowl around saying “I’m ready for breakfast!” He lives in the kitchen cage free so as I come downstairs he normally starts charging around! He has a bowl of veg around 7.30 and either a run around the garden or I let him have a nose around the rest of the house…..I then have to try to get him back in the kitchen! If it’s a weekday I go to work at 8.30 and get home at 17.15, he has another bowl of veg (this helps keep him eating as he is susceptible to getting a bad tummy). He then comes into the lounge with me, sprinting around doing binkies and getting up to general mischief before flopping out for head rubs! Dinner time is between 19-19.30 where he goes bananas! He wolf’s half of his food down then has a mid dinner snooze and flop before eating the rest!! Then we watch TV and chill for a few before he goes back into the kitchen for bed time around 10pm.”
  • What is Chief Brodys’ favourite treats? “He loves banana’s! As for rabbit treats he loves all the different types of things I get for him from Smooshie Face Treats, he gets real angry if I run out as it takes while to order more as they’re based in Oz. As a special treat (very rarely) he loves munching on a digestive biscuit with me!!! He wants the whole thing tho and tries to almost take it out of my mouth! I try to limit his treats to only a few a day tho to make sure he eats plenty of hay.”
  • What is the biggest misperception in the world about bunnies? “Me personally, when I had one come to live me was that I didn’t realise how intelligent they are and also they all have their own little personality traits. They can take a while to trust you but once they do they’re super loving and playful. I think most people (me included previouslyI’m embarrassed to say) believe they are generic animals that live in a hutch in people’s gardens and don’t need much interaction with humans other than being given food once day, they’re so much more than that. They build a bond with you if you spend the time with them and it’s extremely rewarding.”
  • What advise will you give to any-one thinking of having a bunny for a pet? “Like any pet it’s a big commitment so you need to understand that. I never planned to have any pets in life until Nutsy, he was also a rescue rabbit that lived with me for just over a year before Chief Brody (unfortunately he had numerous health issues and passed away), but now I could never see me not having a bunny around. Hopefully that will be the Chief for many a year still! My biggest piece of advise is spend time with them but don’t rush or force anything. Let the bunny get relaxed to you, it will happen so don’t panic thinking he / she doesn’t like you, it might take a day or 6 months but when it does it makes it all the better.”
  • Having a bunny, did it change your outlook on life, if yes how? “Absolutely it did, it opened my mind up to why people form bonds and friendships with animals, which I never really had or understood before. If I’m honest it made me realise there is more to life than just me which was a big lesson to learn in your 30’s! He’s made me want to get as much out of life as I can and if I can help some animals at the same time then all the better. If I’m stressed or need cheering up I can chill with chief and forget about it…. normally as I’m trying to stop him being a rascal!!”

This gives us so much hope for unwanted bunnies to find fun forever home. How can you help: Adopt a bunny – if you cannot adopts you can foster – if you cannot foster, you can sponsor a bunny – if you cannot sponsor you can volunteer at bunny rescue centre – if you cannot volunteer, you can donate – and lastly if you cannot donate you can spread the word and awareness for others to help.

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