Cruelty Free Make-up: Are you informed?

Animals. We love them, we keep them as pets, and we teach our children about them… but why do we use cosmetic and make-up products that have been tested on our beloved friends? Why do we get appalled when we hear about countries that eat their pets, but it is acceptable to use products that have harmed or killed animals? We have to become informed around this subject. Most women do not even know what happened before that beautiful foundation or blusher reached them. Some might say they do not have to know. Stop being ignorant. An innocent bunny had to go through excruciating pain or may even have died for your beauty product. Animals should be loved and respected, not tortured in labs for makeup.

Is it even worth it? No! No one or nothing should die for you to look beautiful. Girl, you are beautiful already and there are alternatives to highlight that natural beauty we all have. There are thousands of brands out there that do not test on animals. They are available everywhere. Just do your research. I believe that most people would support cruelty-free cosmetics, if only they knew the dark secrets that lurk behind the scenes of the beauty industry… but of course, this comes down to education. I think if people knew what animals go through in producing these cosmetics they might stop buying them!

Most cruelty free brands are marked with the “cruelty free” badge. We do not have a valid excuse at this point. Do not support brands that test on animals or fund animal testing. With so many cruelty free makeup and vegan-friendly beauty brands to choose from, there is no excuse to support the companies that still test on animals.

The reality is that animal tested products only keep reappearing in stores because we buy them. It is all about supply and demand, and the more people like us take a stand against cruelty by refusing to hand over your hard-earned cash, the stronger the message we send out. Big companies that use animal-testing will only get the message when we hit them where it hurts – their profits.

YOU can make a difference. Make a choice and say no to animal testing. Share the information and help other people to make a difference as well. Together, we can save our animals.

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