Bunny Emergencies

PS: Simplified presentations and videos will also be created based on below content to help you understand all aspects correclty’

YOU need to know what your bunny weighs, about:

1) Bunny not eating / Stasis

It is important to note stasis with / without bloat, and with/without obstruction.

– Your bunny will sit hunched up or press the tummy to the floor.

– Your bunny will refuse to eat and you will see no poops.

Feel   you bunny’s tummy, softly and try to feel for any strange lumps (obstructions) or *bloat.

Obstruction is deadly.  Stasis is also deadly if not resolved within 6 hours.

* Bloat – feel swollen, tense and round like a balloon.


Make a medium strength cup of Rooibos tea and pour a tot glass full.

Add a teaspoon of glucose (or honey) to the tot glass.

Give the bunny 1 dose of Devils Claw while the tea cool.

If the bunny has bloat, give in 1 dose of telament.  In severe bloat, give 2 doses.

When the tea is lukewarm, give the bunny at least (3 ml/small)     (5 ml/medium)     (8ml/large) of tea in

by **pushing in the syringe into the space just next to the front teeth and pushing slowly so the bunny can swallow.

Wait 30 minutes, see how your bunny is, and give again the dosage per size.

Wait another 30 minutes and see progress in your bunny, also look for poop and wee.


** You will need to thoroughly hold your bunny.  You may lift your bunny to a standing position or cradle in your arm, but NEVER trance your bunny!  (never let the head go to the same level as the bum, while on their back)


If your bunny has NO lumps (blockage) that you can feel, and made a poop after the initial tea and is not nibbling yet:

Add 1.5 teaspoon of Critical Care powder to the Tot glass of tea, mix well and let it stand for 10 minutes.

Mix well again, place  the tot glass in a small glass with a little bit of hot water to heat the mixture  to lukewarm, draw up and give: (as close to as you can)

(5ml /small)   (7 ml/medium)   (10 ml Large)  and give hourly.

Give 1 – 2 ml of cool, clean water after the feeding, and wipe the mouth clean.

Continue this 2 hourly

If your bunny has bloat, give Telament again 4 hours after the initial dose.

Watch out if the bunny is cleaning him/herself.

Take to the vet immediately if bunny is not eating by himself in 6 hours; or if the bunny is looking worse before then.


If your bunny HAS a lump (blockage) or solid mass you can feel in the tummy, take the bunny to the vet immediately.  If it is night and no emergency vets available, continue to feed ONLY the tea and glucose/honey mix 2 hourly and do NOT give solids, but get bunny to a vet ASAP.


If the bunny start eating within the timeframe, you need to see if your bunny is molting or what may have caused the stasis.  Hair / teeth issues / other underlying causes need to be also diagnosed.


2) Something / sepsis / white stuff   in the eye:

See if you can see any foreign objects.  If it is easy to see and remove, do so.  If you see it but it looks dangerous to remove, VET ASAP.

If you don’t see anything, Take1 X rooibos tea bag and make one weak cup of tea.  Throw a bit of this tea in a tot glass, add a pinch of table salt and let cool.  Take cotton swabs and wipe ONCE per SIDE from back to the front of the eye. (if it is infection and you reuse, you can spread the contamination and make it worse.

Press on the part between the nose and the eye (on the tear duct) and gently massage.  See if more milky drops appear in the eye and try get them all out, if there is any.

Give a dose of Devils’s Claw for the discomfort.

If the eye is not very well the next morning, please visit your vet for the prescription of Eye drops and to make sure what the cause is.


3) Bleeding toe nails

(broken or cut too far)

Stop the blood by putting on some cornstarch (Maizena) or putting on Steeldrops  “staaldruppels”  and apply pressure with a damp cotton pad.   If you do not have maizena or steel drops, apply salt and put pressure with a cotton pad.

Give one dose of Devils Claw for the initial pain.


Devils Claw is very good in managing pain.

It is a natural product, and very good in arthritis as well, so beneficial to older bunnies or bunnies that had breaks or trauma.

Telement is a symethicone based colic medicine, and helps in breaking down the large gass bubbles into smaller ones, while smearing the intestines, to get them out more readily.  If your bunnies bloat, please look at their food intake and what they ate.  (Yes, bunnies fart)

The Critical Care is Oat hay based and has fiber in, thus do not give to bunnies with blockage as it will enlarge the blockage.  Blockage needs to see the vets immediately for Gut Motility drugs and strong pain injections to help them pass it and may need to be operated in very special cases.

Never give honey to a bunny younger than 8-10 weeks.