Animal Comforters

Do you know what comforter toys are?
Why is a having a comforter toy important?

A comforter toy is super important if you have stressed rabbits, need to transport them or move them; but most importantly, when they are ill. Driving with your bunny – or other pet – to a vet can sometimes be more damaging and stressful than the illness; and often leads to death in severely ill rabbits. Many times people will say:  My bunny died while on the way to the vet.  This is because rabbits do not come with stress well.  This toy, smelling like you and infused with Pet Rescue (not included) is the perfect answer to calming your bunny along the way; and at the vets.

A Comforter Toy is there to calm and minimize stress on your pet when they are ill and needs transport.

About the toy:
The toy is small enough not to be in the way, and large enough to be a small companion.  It is made of safe materials; both the cloth and stuffing.  Because the toy is mostly used when your bunny  does not feel well, they will seldom chew it. If chewed, like in all normal cases, please remove the toy so stuffing cannot be ingested and mend or discard.

How do we use the toy?
1)  Getting your smell on it:   If your rabbit is very tame and lies with you often, you have to first “wear” the toy.  But it inside your shirt / blouse and close to your heart, and go about your day / sleep a night with it;  so that the toy can start smelling like you.  No creams and no perfumes please!  Just the natural YOU.   This also goes for dogs and cats.  A tame pet finds the smell of his/her owner very important and calming.
2) Getting your pet to know it:   After you have the toy smell like you, place it with your pet so they can get used to it, while healthy.  Never place something new with them when they are ill. (even blankets – have one blanket they know and love and keep that for vet trips)
3) When your baby gets ill:   Place the toy with your pet to smell.  If your animal is stressed, spray a bit of Pet Rescue on the animal, so the fumes can calm your pet.  You can also rub a little bit of pet rescue on your bunny’s ears (bunnies only) – but on the Comforter Animal, the Pet Rescue lasts a long time, with inhalation calming them for a while.
4) With cats:   Put the toy in catnip to calm them as well.🌸
5) For Fleas:     With newly rescued tiny babies who have fleas and cannot take flea treatment yet; , wash the toy with a bit of lavender soap or lavender stay soft, and rinse; but in such a way that the lavender smell will stay on the toy, but no soap/chemical residue. Place the toy over or under the little baby.  In severe case you can inject the toy core with 0.1ml of lavender oil, and place the toy at the BOTTOM of the baby, with another blanket over; so the oil will not touch the baby.    Fleas do not like lavender smell at all, and will take their leave.
6) Remove the toy when not needed, keep it in a safe place without dust till you need again (usually in the cupboard with your bunny’s emergency kit) Take the toy out at least once a month and “wear”  to make it smell like you.💗
7) Remember to make sure that your bunny’s Emergency kit is good!🚑🚑🚑

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